November 12, 2018

Build confidence in yourself and your business in 3 steps


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Build confidence in yourself and your business and loose self doubt in 3 steps

It can be so easy to hold ourselves back from moving forward in our businesses and lives when we feel we need to build confidence first.

And the way we’ve been taught to work and use social media consistently puts us in the position of doubting our selves, our decisions and our work.

We use social media to keep up with our friends, families and our contacts and to be inspired by the work of people we admire – but it can also leave us feeling less than, insecure, with dwindling confidence and with a sometimes hefty case of self doubt.

Over time questioning whether your work is good enough and second guessing yourself can lead to a lack of confidence and insecurity over whether your decisions are enough to make the grade – to create sales, to pay the bills to give you the life you want for yourself and your family.

Then before we know it those times you compared your work have left you with a bad case of mistrust in your own skills and decisions and a craving to build confidence so you can feel good, sure and at ease again.

After giving birth to my daughter and feeling so disconnected from my body and my identity I lost all of my confidence. The 7 years experience in entrepreneurship I had banked meant nothing to me at that point as I second guessed, compared, looked everywhere and anywhere for how to do things to the degree they were perfect because yes, I wanted my work to be great and I wanted to create sales so that I could serve my clients in the best possible way.

What I didn’t realise was that in doing so I was teaching myself how to become dependant on things that were external to myself for inspiration and validation which of course in turn left my confidence, self worth and trust at an all time low.

But I was no longer prepared to settle for feeling shitty and set my mind on finding a way of working that instead of diminishing  actually built up my confidence, my energy and self sufficiency instead (yup, I’m like a woman on a mission when I need to know something and don’t stop until its done!).

Below you’ll find the three steps to cultivate a deeper level of self trust, build confidence and self connection which – if you practice on a daily basis – will lead you to more self sufficiency in your business, less personal disconnection and more creativity which lets face it is a combination that will also affect how you feel about yourself, how you relate to others, how you express yourself, your energy and your ability to connect with clients and create the results you want to see.


3 steps to build your confidence and get rid of self doubt



Set the intention of what it is you want to do on a daily basis. Our to do lists are often so overwhelming as we add in so many items that before we even start we’re sending our bodies into fight or flight mode, shocking our nervous systems, feeling inadequate to get it all done and creating dread around the work that we set out doing because it was going to lead us to feeling more freedom and pleasure. And that’s all before 9am.

If instead you set your intentions on dong three things that will move your business forward that day instead then you remove the overwhelm, you build confidence and trust in yourself for doing what you say you want and are going to do (instead of reinforcing the feeling of failing at your way too long to do list and altering your perception of yourself and what you’re capable of) and create more energy to do it and possibly later go on to do more because you already feel accomplished.

Simple and effective yes, often over looked – heck yes.



Looking after your own well being affects your productivity, your decision making, your creativity, your energy levels and of course from that you build confidence, self esteem and self trust.

This means doing the basics really well and lets admit it, these are the first things to go out of the window when the pressure is on – sleeping well, eating well, drinking enough water, breathing properly, not spending too long scrolling social media, creating space for creativity, connectivity to your self and moving your body.

I know – they seem so simple but how well are you actually doing those things and how often?



You are a channel for creative energy to flow through you and the amount of energy you can allow to move through your body is dependant on your well being. It’s that creative energy that firstly connects you to other people including your ideal clients and helps you manifest your desires but it’s also what makes you self sufficient (not dependant on external sources for inspiration).

Creating space to look after your well being, your body, your energy and making the space for more creative energy to flow through you is key to channelling your unique gifts, skills, voice, ideas and creations.

Using meditation to clear your mind of noise and overwhelm and to connect with your biology, higher self, your intuition and your creative flow  in turn gives you the answers you need to know how to move forward in your life and business without looking externally at what everyone else is doing.

Cultivating this as a ritual means loosing the comparison, the self doubt and the anxiety and creating a sense of knowing, trust and building confidence in yourself and your own ideas and abilities.

All three of these things are really simple, really easy ways to connect deeply with who you are, with what it is that you need, with your soul and with your work and obviously because everything touches everything – feeling great in yourself has benefits throughout your life – your relationships, your business, your results.

Sadly what’s easy does often go over looked – we think – ‘hey that’s way too easy’ and give ourselves excuses to do it later (which of course we don’t) or not to do it at all but if you commit to creating these tiny changes to your daily habits you’ll soon FEEL the difference it creates both in your self identity – your perception of who you are and what is possible for you – in your newly built confidence and in your body.

It’s a beautiful process to bring your attention to and if you really want to take things a step further you might want to check out our Nurture event where we will be sharing exactly how to cultivate self trust, build confidence, and implement ease and flow in your empowered business.




Kiki is an Empowerment and Business coach and has been in business for a decade, founded 5 online businesses and worked with over 4,500 business owners.

After experiencing intense personal disconnection postpartum Kiki dedicated the following two years to questioning how we as women can get back to feeling belonging, abundance and trust in ourselves and our bodies as well as enjoying the reflection of that in our businesses.

Kiki's work is a fusion of soul connection, intuitive development, somatics, psychological practice, quantum physics, neuroscience and business strategy that guides women through a gentle but potent transformational process and assists them in actualising their own unique way of living, doing business and creating results.

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