ARE YOU READY TO work in a way that gives you space to enjoy your life?

Nurture: a gathering 

Well being and business education for female creative entrepreneurs who want to live and work really freaking well.

it's time to do business in a way that nourishes your life

As entrepreneurs the success of our businesses can depend on our state of being - not just our physical health but our emotional, energetic and mental well being.

But the day to day reality is that business doesn't often turn out to be the dream lifestyle that we had imagined it would be when we started out craving freedom of time, expression, location and income.

And in a social environment that consistently tells us that we are not enough, it's no wonder 8/10 small businesses closing their doors in the first two years and the 1 in 5 women suffer from anxiety and depression.

68% of women say that social media affects their self esteem.

91% of women report feeling dissatisfaction or disconnection from their bodies.

60% of Facebook and Twitter uses experience jealousy and inadequacy whilst using the apps.

Facebook executives admit that their platform poses risks to the users emotional well being.

So isn't it time we started working in a way that builds our confidence, self trust and abundance instead of depleting our energy and personal resources? 

We're so proud to present you with Nurture: a gathering for female entrepreneurs that addresses the well being of both you, your body and your business so you can make the way you be, live and work as enjoyable and life giving as you had envisioned it would be, building your confidence, your well being, your business and your income.

This is about living your best life today

And you know that this isn't how it was meant to be - this isn't why you started your own business and you know its not answering what you need right now let alone what you need to create the vision and dream you have for your life.

We don't believe in rigid business strategy that asks us to fit into boxes and takes us away from our individuality and personal wellness. It's time to release the chaos and create a way of working that lets you feel good TODAY (not one day when) and moves you steadily towards the freedom and vision you hold.

Have you ever felt as though you're super busy yet the results that you're getting in your business aren't reflective of that but the energy and inspiration you no longer have is?

Or have you felt the confusion and overwhelm from all the noise on social media and aren't sure exactly what will really make a difference in the way you work, the way you live and bring you the results you desire? Maybe you've felt the insecurities, the self doubt and comparison, even the anxieties that working on social media can bring?

(not one day when you've hit your goal)

The Nurture gathering presents an antidote to the negative, disempowering emotions and conditioning that working online can bring giving you a way to keep burnout at bay and remove the barriers to your enjoyment of life and your momentum in business.

Stress, burnout and disconnection from our selves, our bodies, our relationships and our businesses is an epidemic.

Yet on a daily basis we repeatedly dive into feeling insecure, anxious and exhausted creating self doubt, low self esteem, procrastination, self sabotage and a lack of confidence. This affects how we are with ourselves, how we interact with others, how we embrace our own skills, talents and individuality and how we express ourselves.

In turn this also affects the success of our businesses, the energy we're able to bring to them, the depth of ourselves we reveal through them and the fulfilment, accomplishment and freedom we want to get out of them ultimately changing the way we live – and enjoy – our lives.

More and more women report feeling fed up with social media, consistent advertising and the hard sell of rigid coaching strategies and are aware of experiencing long and short term insecurities as a result of working online.

The Nurture Gathering was designed to help combat that.

We present you with a way to live and work that helps you quit the chaos and build confidence and trust in yourself and the direction of your business. Offering a fresh approach to doing business so that you can live the life you love and do business in a way that feeds your soul, your dreams and your bank account.

This event is soulfood for today's busy woman.



you can thrive from a place of ease

A one day event to nourish your whole life... and business.

Thursday March 7th, 2019

1 heart opening cacao ceremony 

2 nourishing meals 

5 empowering speakers 

Break down blocks to momentum and success so you can build confidence as well as your business

Learn the tools to help with the symptoms that arise as part of working online (bye bye anxiety, procrastination, comparison, self sabotage) 

Reinvigoration of the energy and inspiration you need to build your vision

Simplify your working process so you can loose the hustle and step into ease and flow

Reconnection with your body, your creativity, your intuition creating self trust, self esteem, clarity

All culminating in a simplified, more wholesome, soul filled way of being, living and working that nourishes who you are

The profound personal effects of using social media

Tools to combat the insecurities we experience from working online

How to bounce back into confidence, self trust, self belief and away from burn out

Wisdom around how to work in a more nourishing way leaving you feeling fulfilled, excited and reenergised rather than exhausted, wiped out and overwhelmed

How nurturing your self reflects within your business and results

What self nourishment really means and how it affects change biologically, emotionally, energetically and externally in our reality

How to find self sourced strategy, direction and momentum so you can loose the confusion from all the contradictory suggestions online

What’s really happening when you feel blocked and how to navigate it

How to simplify your to do list and productivity so you can get out of the stop start merry dance and into consistent growth

How to cultivate self trust, confidence, creativity and peace of mind so you can enjoy life more and feel confident that you’ve know exactly what you're doing to get where you want to go

How to cultivate self trust, confidence, creativity and peace of mind so you can enjoy life more and feel confident that you’ve know exactly what you're doing to get where you want to go

You’ll learn:

Kiki is an Empowerment and Business coach and has been in business for a decade, founded 5 online businesses and worked with over 4,500 business owners.

After experiencing intense personal disconnection postpartum Kiki dedicated the following two years to questioning how we as women can get back to feeling belonging, abundance and trust in ourselves and our bodies as well as enjoying the reflection of that in our businesses.

Kiki's work is a fusion of soul connection, intuitive development, somatics, psychological practice, quantum physics, neuroscience and business strategy that guides women through a gentle but potent transformational process and assists them in actualising their own unique way of living, doing business and creating results.

Kiki will be hosting the gathering and presenting ways to:

- Reconnect with your self, your vision, creativity and inspiration

- Self source assurance and build self esteem, confidence, self belief and trust

- Break down personal blocks to momentum in business through cultivating ritual and how that reflects on your biology, your way of being, your quality of life AND your productivity and business results

Kiki-Sunshine Boonwaat - Empowerment & Business Coach and founder of Gather co.

Katherine Omerod has worked as a journalist for over a decade. Having written for the FT, the Telegraph, Harper's Bazaar and the Mail on Sunday, Katherine's book 'Why Social Media is ruining your life' was released September 2018 to high acclaim.

A no holds barred look at what social media is doing to us as a society and how we can deconstruct the online fantasy to change attitudes about modern womanhood, Katherine will be addressing:

- Why social media is ruining your identity, body image, health, relationships, motherhood, career & finances and your politics

- How to equip yourself with the tools to combat the most consuming, addictive force that humankind has ever created.

Katherine's talk will be followed by a Q&A session as well as an opportunity to meet for for a book signing.

Katherine Omerod - Author

After 10 years in the Fashion and Corporate world, having personally experienced the wake up calls of cancer and corporate burn out, Anne-Marie is now a Leadership and Empowerment Coach, facilitator and Speaker. She now works to support and educate people and businesses on how to avoid the burnout, get into the driver seat of their lives and live to their fullest potential.

During this event she shares her own story, talks personal power, relationships, finding purpose, health, wealth and happiness.

- She shares mindset strategies and practices on how to RISE to the top of your game and STAY THERE

- Leadership principles and practical tools that guide a more effective and powerful life

- The psychology of stress and the impact it can have physically, mentally and emotionally (and what you can do about it)

- How to thrive with the day to day demands and pressures of life and work

Anne-Marie's session will be followed by a Q&A session so you can get your personal queries answered.

Anne-Marie Griffin - Leadership and Empowerment Coach

Learn the tools you need to take care of your well being in life and business

We will have 5 empowering speakers throughout the day - all discussing their experiences, findings and solutions to the insecurities that block our path to the results that we want to get and creating a new way of being that allows you to feel great in your own skin, in your self, in your work, in your business - strengthening your self esteem, embodiment, intuition and encouraging ownership of your power not just as a human being but as a woman, not just in business but in life.

(If all 5 speakers are not yet displayed below don't worry - they will be soon and we're just awaiting media!)


more speakers announced very soon...

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We are sorry but tickets are non-refundable.

We are currently in talks with the speakers regarding recording the sessions and hope to make them available to all ticket holders also.


We are currently in discussion with some absolutely INCREDIBLE people ranging from experts, industry leaders, personal development transformational mentors and wellness consultants to bring you the most relevant and unique information that will inform both your journey forward, your personal happiness, your way of life and your business development.

We will have 5 speakers presenting invaluable insights throughout the day.

Couple that information with time, ceremony and a way to nourish your mind, body and soul and you will leave feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, re-inspired and ready to impact the world.

We will be releasing more information on the speakers for this gathering over the coming weeks both on social media and on this page, if you purchase a ticket you will also be informed via email.


Tickets are available via this website, on earlybird, pay in full or instalment options.

Earlybird tickets are available until December 14th 2018.

Instalment options are available.

Please note that due to the intimate nature of the event we are only able to host a specific number of attendee's so early booking is advisable.

We accept credit cards and use Stripe as our trusted payment provider.

PayPal payments are no problem but will need to be done via PayPal so please contact us directly to do this ( please title your email PayPal ticket request).

If you choose to do instalment payments these will be taken monthly on the same date as you make the first payment.

Your ticket gives you access to all of the guiding speakers, welcome refreshments, cacao ceremony, lunch, afternoon tea and after party drinks. It also helps us provide a beautiful space and care for your well being for the time that you are with us as well as contributing to our chosen causes.

You will be contacted by email post ticket purchase for details on any dietary requirements.



This full day immersive experience will be held at The Paintworks, Bristol on February 21st.

As people join us from all over the UK we keep our venues easily accessible and within a short distance from train stations and bus stops.

The building is fully accessible.

Doors open at 10am and the day closes at 6pm. We will then have an hour together for celebration, ceremony and smiles.


In short - the tools you need for your own personal well being if you do business online.

You'll learn about how doing businesses or even being in the social sphere the way it currently is is affecting your state of being

You'll learn about the subconscious, long and short term effects of rigid business strategy and social media use

You'll learn how to implement a more creative, more personalised, more effective structure into your life that nourishes who you are as an individual AND feeds your business and its success

You'll learn about ritual, ceremony, about neuroscience, psychology, about spirituality, about self love, self esteem, embodiment, intuitive eating, about stepping into and owning your power not just as a human being but as a woman

You'll learn a new way of being with your self that helps you feel at peace, accomplished, aligned and at ease that you can pass down to your family, your children and infuse throughout your life

You'll learn a toolbox of tricks to implement throughout your life and business to keep you feeling good and moving forward.


It's about bringing the focus back to source, it's about sovereignty, it's about self connection, self love, self sufficiency.

It's about bringing soul back into business. It's about finding belonging within your own body.

It's about creating the space to live the life you want TODAY not one day when.


Our gatherings are for women. Whether you have a current business, a new idea or want to launch something new is irrelevant, whatever stage of our lives or businesses we are at there is never a bad time to implement a foundation that supports YOU, your health, your wellness, your creativity, your trust and belief in yourself AND your ability to create the vision you desire.


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