November 21, 2018

Business strategy: the only one you need


Well being and business education for creative entrepreneurs who want to live and work, really freaking well.

Rigid business strategies are not designed to take into account your individuality or your skills and often don't deliver success: doing this does.Throughout my decade in business, the six companies and the countless different business strategies that I have tried I’ve discovered one overarching thing: our well being is core to the success of our businesses.

But the depth of being well goes way beyond the concept of what’s talked about on social media.

It’s not all about switching off from social media or taking time alone, bubble baths and being in nature. Granted they do seem to be the go to things that are mostly talked about.

But our well being directly relates to how we’re feeling – what we’re experiencing, what we’re not allowing ourselves to experience and the depth of enjoyment we’re able to get out of how we’re spending our time too.

Our well being directly relates to our sovereignty – to being true, in integrity and aligned with what it is that lights us up as individuals, uniquely, in our own skills, talents and opinions regardless of what we’ve been told and taught that we must, have to, or should be doing (all just someone else’s opinion) which may or may not be right for us.

And that’s why this is so important.

Rigid (traditional) business strategies don’t always work for everyone to bring freedom, fulfilment or success into our lives and businesses (no matter what your version of success looks like) and that’s because they relate directly to someone else’s experience which doesn’t take into account how individual every single one of us is.

Yet it’s what we’re taught.

It’s what we’ve been used to doing.

Our changing landscape means that we get to create our businesses on an online platform and present it to the world with relative ease.

Yet we’re being told to do it in a million and one different ways that may or may not work for us so its crazy hard to find something that does help us move forward with our passions, our businesses and the joy in our lives.

And it shouldn’t be that way. It shouldn’t be so freaking hard to find great information, a solid business strategy that works and we end up swamped in noise, overwhelmed with options, unsure which way to turn to really create change and often either freeze or keep doing what we know which doesn’t move us where we want to go.

It can be a frustrating road that doesn’t lead to the joy we desire.

Which is why sovereignty is so important and a much more nourishing, simple strategy to live and work by.

Being aware of our own minds, our own desires and creative energy flow and not being afraid or ashamed to admit what we desire, avoiding all the dogma’s around wanting to earn X amount of money or what other people may think of us if we did XYZ because we know and have full clarity and confidence in our choices and that we’re doing something that is aligned for us and us alone instead of blindly following someone else’s business strategy.

Business is energetic. People buy from people based on their energy – based on how much they resonate with that person, based on how they feel about that person and the problems they solve for them.

Business is personal. And the success of your business is based on how well you communicate your energy to other peoples through your messaging – it’s NOT based on your business strategy.

Your energy isn’t going to be totally aligned or working for you if you’re following a cookie cutter business strategy that doesn’t tick all the boxes for your multi faceted personality the way being in touch with yourself, being connected to your own energy will. And if you’re anything like me and experience resistance to doing things in a rigid way chances are that business strategy isn’t aligned for you, our feelings are indications to our true selves.


Here are three ways you can cultivate your own connection with your self, your higher self, your soul, your infinite creative flow and build unwavering confidence in yourself:


Meditate (listen to your internal compass)

Take time out to quiet the noise of your own mind and to hear your own internal guiding system. We all suffer from the voice of doom, from ego, from our conditioning, our past tapping us on the shoulder and creating constant conversation in our minds which can cloud our connection with the voice of our soul or source.

Meditating or following a guided meditation can offer you that calm as well as helping guide your biology to calm your nervous system, re-programme your brain and quantum create (manifest) amongst other yummy things (yes yummy I’m a bit of a geek for this science stuff!).

You can get started with my daily meditation here which will help you tap into your mind, body and soul and start your days with intentional direction, energy and grace.


Zone out from the noise (find your own voice)

Meditation is a beautiful practice that helps you tap into yourself but it’s never going to be as effective if immediately before and after doing it you’re mindlessly scrolling through other peoples lives on social media re-conditioning your brain with overwhelm and noise.

We all know we should probably spend less time on social media but have a think about where else in your life the noise comes from. It could be worry from something someone keeps talking to you about, it could be overwhelm from the ever looming to do list, it could be that Netflix series that you just can’t stop thinking about that’s distracting you from what you really want to be doing (yup, I’ve been stuck in that one!).

We have a tendency to fill our lives with as much as possible leaving little room to just be ourselves or be with ourselves. Just one hour a day is less than 5% of the time we have on a daily basis, give yourself the gift of creating a ritual with that hour that feels nourishing, connected and comforting and allows you space to be you without any pressure or agenda.


Cultivate self trust (do what you say you’re going to do)

We experience high levels of disconnection in our lives from how we’ve been socialised, conditioned and educated. Society says we should look this way or that, be a size whatever and wear these colours for this season and any thing out of the norm gives us cause to worry, be frowned upon and outcast. We’re put into fear over being sovereign, over being in integrity with our soul, over our uniqueness.

And then we doubt, we question ourselves to the degree we can end up feeling torn and led away from things we want, who we are.

I polled my audience on Instagram stories recently with the question:

‘Do you worry about what other people think to the degree that you

hold back from doing something you were excited to do?’

the result was a resounding 71% yes. We do worry about what people think, about fitting in so much so that it pulls us away from who we really are and our excitement – from our happiness and possibilities based on what other people may think.

And what can be done about that?

It takes self trust to combat self doubt.

We can cultivate self trust in a number of ways but my go to’s are:

  • Do what you say you’re going to do – commit – don’t let yourself down. Your choices create your reality, your personality and your results once you make a choice / decision to do something stick to it. Yes you may experience resistance in creating change but decipher where that’s coming from – whether its ego, based on past experience, whether its misaligned or whether you’re just plain old procrastinating and commit to doing what you know will make you feel great. I promise you’ll feel proud as punch and build that trust muscle when you do.


  • Get to know yourself. I know it sounds a little weird and you may be thinking ‘I don’t have time for all that I live with me so don’t I know me enough?’ but the truth is we never do, we evolve, we change. Write yourself a list of questions, grab a journal and go to town answering them. Write about what you desire, write about whats bugging you, write about what you’ve achieved that day, week, month, year, write your opinions on things, write about your relationship with yourself, your business, your partner, your kids and figure out where you are and what you want to do to create your next step in that area. It’s a truly empowering tool just whatever you do don’t make it a Dear Diary entry – make it count and it’ll bring you realisations, pride, courage, confidence and above all trust that you can, are and will be 1) fine 2) amazing at whatever you choose next.


  • Ask yourself. Again I know it sounds odd but let me explain. When we experience something there is a space between that experience and our biological response (thought, emotion, action) to it. In that moment you have the power to make a choice, that choice relates to the experience you’ll have next, the growth or opportunities, the joy, the freedom you may be able to create. So in that moment question yourself – question whether your favourite colour still is really red, question whether you really do want pasta for dinner, question what your body is craving and telling you it needs for nutrition, tap into your intuition, into your gut feeling, into your higher self and guidance and regardless of whether the answer is the same or not – know that you’re in full integrity with the answer and it wasn’t simply an automatic reflex.


Your sovereignty is the only business strategy you need


Sovereignty. It’s the only business strategy you need because once you know you, once you’re aligned, once you’re clear of other peoples (society’s) noise you find yourself again – your voice, your skills, your uniqueness, your courage, your desire to share your creativity, your way of doing it (before everyone else tried to tell you how). And knowing all of those things builds confidence, builds trust, builds energy, raises vibration and THAT is what attracts what you desire into your life – thats quantum physics – thats science, that’s how it works.

Juicy huh?

Have a think about how your business strategy or your social media strategy may change the way you live, see and enjoy your life right now and what you can do to build confidence, more joy, more sovereignty, become more proud of your individuality, your talents and tap into the energy that calls you to share them. It’s a massively nourishing way to live, to be and to do business.


Kiki is an Empowerment and Business coach and has been in business for a decade, founded 5 online businesses and worked with over 4,500 business owners.

After experiencing intense personal disconnection postpartum Kiki dedicated the following two years to questioning how we as women can get back to feeling belonging, abundance and trust in ourselves and our bodies as well as enjoying the reflection of that in our businesses.

Kiki's work is a fusion of soul connection, intuitive development, somatics, psychological practice, quantum physics, neuroscience and business strategy that guides women through a gentle but potent transformational process and assists them in actualising their own unique way of living, doing business and creating results.

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