November 7, 2018

Social Media Strategy: how to combat overwhelm and thrive


Well being and business education for creative entrepreneurs who want to live and work, really freaking well.

Over social media and overwhelmed? Heres the social media strategy you really need to know. Read on to find out how to thrive as a female entrepreneur

I’ve spent the past 5 plus years building my businesses on the main two social platforms (Facebook and Instagram) using a social media strategy of posting daily, sometimes multiple times a day to suddenly completely hit a wall of disenchantment for being on either platform.

Literally. I had no energy for being on them, scrolling, posting, guiltily enjoying other peoples lives, cooking skills or memes. It was almost as though my brain was asking me to just stop consuming all the noise and my life no longer had any time for any type of social media strategy and wanted it out – I was over it, I didn’t need it and I had no desire to keep bombarding myself with it.

So I pulled away from using all social media platforms for the following few months.

I posted – if as or when I wanted to – but hardly ever with anything that related to my business. Personal posts only, mainly to IG stories, no strategy involved.

I know what you may be thinking – but I had no fear for what it meant for my business because there was a much bigger part of me telling me my mental health was way more important.

It turns out that of course that part of me was right, but that there was another reason I really needed that at the time: I needed to be able to hear myself.

In a world that is constantly pulling our attention in multiple different directions, asking us to be so many different variations of ourselves, the need to just stop and settle back into being ourselves with no demands, masks or agenda is huge.

Without strategically living my days based around my social media slowly but surely I felt a softness coming back to my energy, to my life and to my body. I found presence to how I was feeling, being witness to experiencing the joy in my life return to a depth I had forgotten about.

And I began to feel creative again. Every day. In many different ways which brought me even more enjoyment because in each thing I would do throughout my day I could see the creativity, the accomplishment and the energy of joy that would bring to me.

Which also brought my attention to just how much time I had spent previously forcing myself to stick to a timescale that was only enforced by myself, creating stress, overwhelm, worry, anxiety and an over thinking, over consuming social media habit that was no good for me or for my family.

Yet in the quiet of those two months, that space of time that I allowed myself to step back a little and remove the pressure – I received a message to create this company. It was gone 9pm one Monday evening, I had just put my daughter to sleep when I had a vision of the name of the company, the logo / graphics, the artwork, the concept and the purpose.

The point is that when you do detox your mind, when you do shut out the unnecessary noise that bombards our lives moment to moment, to stop living your life depending on whatever your social media strategy is – it is possible to hear yourself again. To tap into the wisdom our bodies and our higher selves hold for us. It’s possible to deepen our enjoyment of our lives, of our families, of our activities and to still continue to be creative, to work, to produce, to gain momentum in your life and business.


We don’t need or have to be on social media as much as we are to create success in our businesses.


Now (if you have an iphone) I dare you to take out your phone and check your battery life. Go to settings, battery and scroll down and take a look at how many hours you’ve spent on social media in the last week…

Now tell me two things – have those strategised social media filled hours given you revenue in return? And have the hours you’ve spent being present, enjoying your life been the same if not a greater amount of time?

I put out a short survey on my Instagram accounts recently and the stats speak for themselves:


71% reported feeling a bit crap after using social media.

86% reported comparing their life / work with other peoples on social media

88% said that their use of social media makes them feel as though their work is not good enough.

75% of people said they felt overwhelmed after being on social media a long time

71% said that they worry what other people may think to the degree they hold back from doing what it was they were excited about.


Those numbers are HIGH.

We simply don’t comprehend the depth of degree that our social media strategy is impacting our subconscious to feel inadequate, less than, anxious and insecure and the degree that that reflects in our lives, on our relationships and on our businesses and their results.


So yes, your social media strategy could in fact be damaging your success as well as your well being.


Although my experience of being off of social media for a short while was a good one – along with using it all the time, neither option of being on it all the time or being off it all the time are sustainable when you do use the internet to market your business.

So is there a happy medium?

There is BUT it’s unique to the individual – meaning it can be different for everyone depending on where we are with it at the moment.

Social media use is addictive because we experience dopamine hits with each like, comment or giggle at a crazy cute animal / baby meme. With each like we gain approval. With each approval we gain a release of dopamine which makes us feel good temporarily. Until the next 10 minute mark when we check our apps again and no notifications, likes or comments pop up. So we then go on search for the next feel good hit.

We’re using the technology to provide us with what we COULD receive from our lives. And app users admit to using this knowledge to get people hooked on their platforms.

So if the solution ISN’T to quit using social media altogether what is it?

The answer is nourishment and self connection (you can read more about how your well being relates to your business strategy in this post) because when we become aware of what it is that makes us happy, of what it is that we want for our lives we can set about creating it for ourselves – not at the call of a social media app – giving us the empowerment and control to take back our lives, our emotions, our energy, our enthusiasm as well as our productivity, our business results and ultimately our bottom line.

What is possible when we do nourish all of who we are is infinite. We get to tap into source, into a never ending flow of creativity, whilst also building our confidence, our self trust, our self sufficiency, our energy and our happiness.

Now this post is getting long I know so I’ve put 10 ways to nourish yourself AND benefit your business and thrive as an entrepreneur into a neat little document for you here.

How does your social media strategy affect how you live your life? 

Food for thought.





Kiki is an Empowerment and Business coach and has been in business for a decade, founded 5 online businesses and worked with over 4,500 business owners.

After experiencing intense personal disconnection postpartum Kiki dedicated the following two years to questioning how we as women can get back to feeling belonging, abundance and trust in ourselves and our bodies as well as enjoying the reflection of that in our businesses.

Kiki's work is a fusion of soul connection, intuitive development, somatics, psychological practice, quantum physics, neuroscience and business strategy that guides women through a gentle but potent transformational process and assists them in actualising their own unique way of living, doing business and creating results.

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