without sacrificing your well-being,
your confidence and your mind

YOU can thrive from
a place of ease

Well being and business education designed for female
creative entrepreneurs who want to live and work - well.

do you want a successful business that nourishes who you are and the way you live?

I believed there had to be an alternative to being stuck in a rigid way of working and feeling insecure so I spent the next two years dedicated to finding it.

We start our businesses to enjoy our lives more but rates of anxiety and depression in female entrepreneurs are rising and our enjoyment of our lives is decreasing. For many this means our health suffers, our relationships suffer and our businesses close leaving our bodies, our creativity and passion depleted and frankly that’s just not cricket. 

Mm hmm, me too. But what I found was that the way we've been taught to do business - and the social world we do business in - leaves us feeling depleted, confused and insecure and that pulls us away from our selves, our expression, our excitement, creativity and from delivering our own unique energy to the world.

In turn that means that we feel less than and as a result yes our businesses and results suffer but so does our sense of self, our confidence and our self esteem.

In 2016 - after 7 years of entrepreneurship - I suffered intense personal disconnection from my body and identity post partum and I lost what felt like all of my confidence. As I opened up every single woman I worked with or talked to could relate to feeling some form of insecurity in relation to their work and personal expression.

I founded Gather co. based on the need for a more nourishing way to live and work and the science and wisdom around how we can do exactly that.

gather co.

1. To gather together as a collective invested in a          similar outcome - to be, live and to do business        extremely well

2. To gather all we need in order to do exactly that.

you can thrive from a place of ease

by utilising the foundational practices of well being we're able to feel connected, energised, confident and enjoy the reflection of that accomplishment in our business and our business results.

your life and legacy matters
and importantly so does your enjoyment of it.

Grateful you're here.

And it's these values - the peace of mind, ease, simplicity, sense of abundance and belonging that permeates throughout my days, my intentions, my writing, my teaching and this company.

But as all businesses start with a problem - these needs turned into a requirements list for the way I wanted to live and work - which turned into a solution that has nourished and enriched who I am, my life, my relationships and my business - and in turn provided the same for my clients.

It also means that the business strategy, neuroscience, quantum physics, somatics, psychological and spiritual practise that I studied to discover a more soulful, heart centred way of creating success in our lives and businesses has been filtered into an easy to understand, simplified and practical form of application. Which lets face it we all need in our already busy and sometimes complicated (read: chaotic!) lives.

After investing numerous times into rigid business strategy that didn't yield the results that I desired and going through a tough period of personal adjustment on becoming a mama, I was left feeling rather disenchanted with social media and how our use of it takes from our personal resources.

I was also craving getting back to feeling more creative, more energised and more immersed in the beauty of that feeling that you get when you're creating your art or lost in a moment with a loved one rather than being persistently swamped in an admin and marketing to do list. I'm an introvert which means that I have to have space and peace to feel at my best, like my self and able to deal with whatever is on my plate (which with a 2.5 year old can sometimes be tricky!).

Coach, mentor, wife, mama, creative, founder and voice of Gather co. and serial entrepreneur. I've had 6 businesses in my decade of entrepreneurship, some successes that sold for a fab 5 figures, some failures that didn't feed my soul or my bank account.

And I'm a tenacious so and so - if I don't know something that's really bothering me, I completely make it my business to figure it out - thankfully I have a head that seems to be able to disassemble things and pop them back together in a logical way which came in really handy as a kid who had a habit of taking things apart and when I took a degree in the only fine art programme that heavily featured psychology.

hey! Im kiki-sunshine!

let me introduce myself

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