November 22, 2018

What your body says about your business


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Ok so you’ve probably heard all about the mind body connection right? And you’ve more than likely heard all about how your thoughts and the way you speak to yourself has the power to affect how you feel. But are you aware of what your biology actually does for and to the success of your business?

Yeah. I said it. The way you feel physically has a knock on effect to the success of your business.

You see business is energetic. People will buy from you if they resonate with and like your energy and that’s pretty much something done on a sixth sense basis – it’s completely subconscious.

But lets face it business isn’t all about the sales (although they’re nice) the whole reason we get into it in the first place is for personal fulfilment – it’s so that we can FEEL a certain way – seen, acknowledged, appreciated, accomplished, free, expressed, confident, loved etc.

The chances are though that the way you often experience feeling is a little overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, worried about other people’s opinions. Perhaps you experience a little comparison from time to time too. And hey – all of these things are perfectly normal and perfectly human but what they do also say to me is that you’re spending a little too much time online – looking externally and a too little time focused internally because when you shift your focus and energy internally – you get more energy physically to put into your business and the more you put into it the more you get out of it.

Focusing on yourself, on your skills, on your unique viewpoint, talents, creativity and offerings to the world creates a feeling of pride, of connection with yourself even with the divine – with source. BUT the chances are that when you experience that run of emotions before you know it you’re doubting yourself, scrolling to see what others are doing or second guessing what they may think.

Yes – we human’s are incredibly sneaky when it comes to sabotaging our own success.

And obviously that just leaves us feeling less than, craving comfort and lower in energy which is no good for our well being or for our business success.

On an energetic basis we need to cultivate a higher energetic frequency if we want to call into our lives what it is that we desire.

On a physical basis we need to cultivate a higher frequency to build immunity, to balance hormones, to create mental clarity.

On an emotional basis we need to cultivate a higher frequency to experience more joy in our lives.

And if you relate all of this back to your business – if you’re feeling good, energised, physically well, mentally energised then BINGO your productivity sky rockets, your visibility does too and you’re reaching the people you want to and creating sales.


So how do we practically get into a higher frequency of energy?

First things first – I want you to play with me for a moment. Take a minute (literally) to feel into your body right now and ask what it is that you’re feeling. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and answer these questions:

How does your body feel on a scale of 0-10 (10 being positive) when you think of:

1) Your partner / children / family
2) Something you’re grateful for, a memory or experience
3) The last time someone hugged you
4) Your business and it’s current success
5) Your to do list of next steps to take

And be honest – tell me did you feel a drop with the last two?

If you did feel a drop with the last two you may just not be feeling as positive as you could be about your work right now which is great because now you know you have a few things to tweak to be able to enjoy it more and to begin to raise your energy levels.

You also now have an awareness of your body’s messaging that you can utilise in the future to tap into yourself and really ask what it is that you may be experiencing or may need to feel better or move forward.


Onto the goodness:

If I was to recommend any way to get into a higher energetic frequency it would be through committing to a morning ritual / routine and here’s why:

  • Firstly it trains your mind and body to listen, to be connected, to become harmonious.
  • Secondly it puts you in a position of being able to tap into your central nervous system and clear your energy, any residual negative feelings, resetting your cortisol (stress hormone) levels and allowing you to move into your day with ease.
    Thirdly it benefits your productivity when you tap into your creativity, into what you need to do to make a difference, to really move your life or business forward AND it cultivates confidence, pride and connection when you can self source and become the core point of knowledge for yourself.
  • And that’s before we even get started on how the steps you take throughout this routine give you the experience of success which can build throughout your day.


Have you ever met up with someone or gone to an event or party and this person was just so excited, vibing on life completely and just really happy to see you? I bet you that person’s energy was contagious AF.

So however are lower energies so another thing I would recommend to do to raise your energy levels is to create boundaries around yourself. Say no to the things that you don’t really want to do and make you feel bad or resentful. Say no to the obligations that you don’t really want to do that make you feel exhausted and upset. Say yes to doing things that are aligned for you, that feel good for you and cultivate allowing yourself pleasure in your life.

You’ve probably realised by now that our energy is directly related to how we feel and a ton of our knee jerk decisions and actions (made subconsciously) are related to how we feel too.

Yes an element of success can be created from hustling hard, from putting all of your energy into your business, from focusing and pushing yourself but its simply not sustainable or enjoyable for that matter. Hefty dose of burn out anyone?

Building your own energy builds your health, your well being, your energy, confidence, your business and your business results. And it’s a heck of a lot more fun.


Kiki is an Empowerment and Business coach and has been in business for a decade, founded 5 online businesses and worked with over 4,500 business owners.

After experiencing intense personal disconnection postpartum Kiki dedicated the following two years to questioning how we as women can get back to feeling belonging, abundance and trust in ourselves and our bodies as well as enjoying the reflection of that in our businesses.

Kiki's work is a fusion of soul connection, intuitive development, somatics, psychological practice, quantum physics, neuroscience and business strategy that guides women through a gentle but potent transformational process and assists them in actualising their own unique way of living, doing business and creating results.

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